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We know what it takes to succeed as a student-athlete with a sport’s scholarship in America. NOW we go out with such an alternative to young athletes from all over the world. Our website is available in english in order to facilitate the process of communication for students from anywhere. Our representatives have completed undergraduate and master’s studies on F1 visa and they were exactly in the same situation that you are in at this moment.

We believe that athletes from anywhere should have the opportunity to experience the American culture, lifestyle, and training system based on a balance between study and professional practice of a sport. Studies in the United States is not only a chance to improve your athletic skills or language but also an opportunity to gather many professional experiences. Meeting people from all over the world is inevitable while being a student-athlete. Again, we know what you need to succeed at an American university, during the application process PLAYSPORTUSA will support you at every single step.
We do our best to surround you with a professional and reliable service and most importantly we make sure to promote you in the best possible way. We know how positive the experience of traveling to the United States on the athletic scholarship can be. Four years spent in the United States, representing the college or university will set the tone for the rest of your life.PLAYSPORTUSA wants to make your dreams become a reality.

PLAYSPORTUSA wants to make your dreams come true


Smooth Process

The process of awarding a volleyball scholarship in the US is a difficult undertaking. Many questions require clarification and clarification in advance: Do I meet all requirements? Which college or league is the best for me? What tests do I need to take? How can I prepare for them? Do I need a game license? What type of visa do I need? PlaySportUSA will help you with all administrative obstacles to make the process as conflict-free as possible. Remember that we will be with you every step of the way until we finish college in the USA.


PlaySportUSA is in constant contact with American Universities and people responsible for the recruitment of athletes. We know exactly what types of players / positions are sought in a given year or when new scholarship offers appear. By traveling to the USA on a regular basis, as well as being part of the AVCA (American Volleyball Coaches Association) annual convention, PlaySportUSA has successfully built strong and trustworthy personal relationships with coaches over the past 10 years.
 Every day, coaches receive hundreds of applications from top-level players from around the world. Most are never taken into account because coaches do not have time to view unprofessional video content or incomplete information. Recruiting international talent is also time consuming because coaches must ensure that athletes comply with all college rules and regulations in order to be able to play and study at the same time. What’s more, few coaches have the time and budget to go abroad to see students participating in the competition.
 Reliable contact with Playsportusa is the key for coaches. Our proven expertise is able to give a specialised description of a specific player to accurately determine the athletic level of the player and his/her intellectual abilities!

Founder: Kajetan Borecki

Studying International Business 20 minutes away from New York City was the fulfilment of my dreams beyond sports. On the other hand,  I was able to compete with the most prestigious universities in the world such as Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, Loyola, Ohio State, Penn State, and players representing the US national team. I met a lot of great coaches who coached diamonds, such as: Matt Anderson, Russell Holmes, Aaron Russell, and Thomas Jeschke.

Successful graduation with a bachelor degree on the American university has opened the door to many career opportunities in the business world, as well as gave me the opportunity to pursue a career in professional volleyball in Europe after my graduation I received many offers from professional European teams.

Because of my passion for volleyball, an interest in discovering another country and its culture, new language opportunities, I decided to sign a professional contract in France. 

The next step of my adventure has been returned to the USA and taking on the coaching position in Georgia, Florida, and Ohio. Graduating with my MBA.

Playing the sport I love at a very high level combined with an education sounded like the American dream. However, it soon became clear that the whole application process is not as simple as it may seem. I had no idea what universities have a men’s volleyball program, how much money do they offer, how does the system works, which is NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, what documents do I need for enrolment, visa process, how to be eligible with NCAA, NAIA and the additional obstacles that I had encountered on a fairly bureaucratic process.

2022 NCAA Final 4 & AVCA Convention - Omaha
2021 NCAA Final 4 & AVCA Convention - Columbus

Due to the above-mentioned problems and the growing demand for International athletes looking to combine sports and education at the highest level in the US I have decided to found the PLAYSPORTUSA agency. I would like to use my own as well as my team’s experience for the young international athletes who aspire to combine studies and their sport at the highest level at the American University. Helping young athletes wanting to pursue their dreams is certainly something that gives me great pleasure. Together with the PLAYSPORTUSA team, we want to help the greatest number of athletes from any part of the world and fulfil their dreams of sports and education at the American University.

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