Patrycja Witt 6'2''


 GENERAL INFORMATION  Nationality: Poland  Date of birth: 02.02.2001  HS Graduation Year: 2021  Name of current High School: SMS Szczyrk  Current Club Team: LTS Legionovia  High school GPA: 3.5  Desired Major: Finance  NCAA ID: 27621738 Registered: April 2021  
 TEST SCORES  SAT SCORE: 1100  TOEFL SCORE: 85  ACT SCORE: 22    ATHLETIC INFORMATION  Height: 6'3''  Weight: 160lbs  Collegiate Evaluation - Level of Play: TOP 30 NCAA D1        


Our Evaluation  

Overall: Has trained and competed as an Outside Hitter since age 9. Has been a go-to hitter for most of her career in Poland with the highest efficiency and p/ps on the team. Previously played different sports like soccer and gymnastics. Thrived in a variety of training systems and coaches, lived away from home since the age of 14

Physical: Strong, mobile and fairly coordinated. Average Foot speed with great footwork 

English Proficiency: Far above the non-native speaker

In-person analysis:

  • High IQ cross-body hitter, can hit thumb-down. Gets the majority of sets on her team.
  • Consistent and intelligent with her plays
  • Jump Float server with a good speed. Capable of jump serving.  
  • Team player with a calm persona on the court

Additional Comments: In the classroom, she has been an outstanding student. She will be taking her SAT on March 14 and TOEFL on April 21st. 

Collegiate Rating: Can be an instant starter for Top 30 NCAA

    CONTACT INFORMATION  Email: patrycja  WhatsApp: +4865624253  Skype: pati22  Cell Phone: +4865624253    


Specific details

Volleyball Position OH
Available from 2021
Gender Woman
Nationality Polish


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