How does our recruiting service work?

The profiles of our athletes will include: the direct contact button, videos, and all the necessary information to evaluate the specific athlete. Simply filter: the position, year, gender - to find the right fit!


Who finds and evaluates the International recruits?

Kajetan Borecki - founder as well as his scouts recruit athletes on our platform. They search for elite prospects all over Poland/Europe and collaborate with coaches from Polish National Teams as well as Elite European clubs. The aim is to select the most promising athletes who have capabilities to compete in college sports on a highest level.  

Does PLAYSPORTUSA places athletes with favoured schools?

No. PLAYSPORTUSA serves all subscribing coaches equally by publishing complete profiles on “Available Players”. Each subscriber gets an equal right to recruit a student-athlete. Each subscriber has access to contact information and can reach out to the athletes directly. Playsportusa wants every coach to be able to present his University and to be considered by our athletes.   

At what levels are PLAYSPORTUSA athletes?

Mid-major DI or higher. Some can thrive for top-25 NCAA Division I. Most are better suited for mid-level D1, D2 NCAA teams.  

Can I see a video of the recruits?

Yes, login in to PLAYSPORTUSA platform gives you access to the videos of each recruit. You also have access to all the necessary information to evaluate if it is a good fit.

Who pays for the Playsportusa service?

As of today Subscribing athletes pay for the service. Subscription for American coaches is completely FREE at this point.

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